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focus & concentration.

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Tego "Diabetes"

Significantly helps lower blood sugar levels

  • Assists in increasing oxygen levels

  • Helps increase blood circulation

  • Aids and stimulates the pancreas

  • Helps the body to heal naturally

One of the best drinks for diabetics

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Tego “Cold & Flu Buster"

High in vitamin C. The ingredients have been known to drastically aid with inflammation and breathing difficulties.  Due to its effectiveness in boosting your own immune system, Tego has been utilized by the Native Americans for centuries.  
Brew one cup at a time.

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Tego “Arthritis”

Helps Relieve Arthritis Symptoms.
Brew one cup at a time.

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Tego “Circulation”

Helps Circulation and Neuropathy.
Brew one cup at a time.

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Tego “Focus”

Helps Focus and Concentration.
Brew one cup at a time.

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Keep your health on the right track!

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...I started taking this tea three weeks ago. I sweetened it a little with stevia for taste. My numbers have been in the high 200s to 300.  This tea is helping me bring those numbers into the 150 to 250 range. I drink 6 oz before and after each meal.  I just started taking another 6 oz before bed.

I have had the most wonderful experience with Linda who helped me with ordering the tea.  This is a credible honest shop with a great product and outstanding customer service.  I highly recommend the tea and the company!

— Jolene


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