Tego for Type 2 Diabetes

Helps Lower Blood Sugar

The original formula from which Tego is made was used by the Native Americans for over 300 years. During the 1600s, there are records that this tea was used to treat ailing European explorers who were suffering from scurvy because it is so rich in vitamin C.  


Native Americans would use Tego for arthritis and tribe members who were considered "sick."  Now, it is understood that the "sickness" was actually high blood sugar.

Tego has been passed down through our native American family from generation to generation. Now we wish to share Tego with the world. We are passionate about our natural traditions and helping others naturally.


One package makes a gallon of Tego, enough to last a week. We recommend drinking 6oz of Tego three times a day.

May be consumed hot or cold.

You can also add stevia if you prefer a sweeter taste.

A great drink for diabetics.

Start today
and make a difference
in your life.

Each bag of Tego contains a blend of all-natural herbal ingredients (listed alphabetically):



Benefits include aiding in digestion and UT health, helps regulate blood sugar levels, helps prevent cancer, slows the breakdown of bones, lowers risk of heart disease, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, antioxidant loaded, vitamin rich, reduces belly fat, improves vision, and enhances mood.

Chicory Root

Chicory Root

Benefits include digestion support, immune system support, detoxifies, reduces inflammation, antioxidant loaded, antibacterial and antifungal, and reduces heart rate


Crab Apple fruit

Benefits include helping prevent cancer, boosts the immune system, improves vision, reduces the signs of aging, boosts the immune system, fights prenatal disease, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, increases energy, helps maintain strong bones, helps reduce high blood pressure, and helps fight diabetes.



Benefits include appetite suppressant, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, helps eliminate acid reflux or heartburn, reduces menstrual discomfort, reduces bad cholesterol, lowers risk of diabetes, relieves constipation, good for kidney problems, helps prevent cancer.



running spruce branch

Benefits include promotion of adrenal function, relief of muscle aches, improves arthritis pain, reduces breathing difficulty, and has antiseptic, antirheumatic, and analgesic properties.