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This Native American Holistic formula can help keep your sugar levels in balance.


How to Brew


5 Ways Tego can.help.your.Type.2.Diabetes

senior couple drinking Tego Tea

Significantly helps lower blood sugar levels

Assists in increasing oxygen levels

Helps increase blood circulation

Aids and stimulates the pancreas

Helps the body to heal naturally

One of the best drinks for diabetics

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What price health? Tego, even at the single pack price, is only $1.38 a serving and you can save a lot more if you buy a 4 pack, 10 pack or even 20 pack. A cup of coffee at one of the most famous fast food chains starts at over $2 a cup with none of the benefits. You owe it to yourself and your family to give it a try.

News for Tego

World Tea News: Native American Holistic Tea Blends Are On Trend. See details

Rev. Danny Garcia from the Global Walk campaign is drinking Tego on his walk to help promote Type 2 Diabetes health. See details

“What Our Customers are Saying”

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Recent Testimonials from Facebook

People, do yourselves a favor & go natural to reduce blood sugar. It would be less harmful. Give Tego Tea a try. I swear by it. After my 1st cup of this tea, I waited 2 hours & checked my blood sugar & my blood sugar went from 268 down to 143, yes, only in 2 hours time after drinking this tea. After 3 days of drinking it 3 times a/day, my blood sugar was down to normal range. Also, I always had high blood sugar in the mornings, over a short period of time, it was reduced from 181 down to 130.

- Grace B.


I swear by Tego Tea. It is such a miracle. Not only does it help lower blood sugar levels and A1c numbers, it helps decrease inflammation! I injured my knee on the job as an EMT and they wanted to do surgery. I went to PT and lost weight, which helped, but every once in a while, I'd get such bad swelling I had to wear a knee brace and I was limping from the pain. As soon as I drank Tego Tea, the swelling was gone within 24 hrs. No more knee brace and no more pain or limping. I cannot say enough good things about this tea!

Elizabeth S.

I purchased Tego Tea for my wife.

“I could not believe the change in her sugar levels after drinking Tego Tea.  After drinking Tego Tea I saw her blood sugar levels drop”

- John M. - San Diego, CA

My sisters drink Tego Tea daily.

"Their blood sugar has gone down and is now at a constant baseline level. I also drink Tego Tea to help prevent diabetes."

- Andy W.

I was losing hope!

"My Blood sugar levels were always above 250 and I was losing hope.  I began to drink Tego and my blood sugar levels began to stabilize and were within normal range."

- Harry H., New Jersey

Tego is a Godsend

"My sugars were over 300 with medication. I could not get them any lower. I started drinking Tego, after two days of drinking Tego my sugar levels were 121.  

Thank you Tego Tea."

- Grace G.

Tego is an amazing product

"Tego helps reduce blood sugar levels and increases circulation. By lowering sugar levels and increasing circulation oxygen can move more freely in the bloodstream and prevent disease." 

- Dr. G. Martin

Tego Tea Works!

"My blood sugar was lower after the first cup that I drank.  I was surprised, with such fast results.

I have been taking Tego Tea for a few months and I have become more focused and my blood sugar has been steady in the low 100's.  This tea really works!"

- David C.  

You're not kidding about newborn energy!

"There was a time that I always ran on adrenaline, but  since drinking Tego Tea I now have a natural energy that is by far much better!"

- G. B.

This stuff really works!

"I was looking at a lifetime of needles and medication. Thanks to Tego Tea I can now live a normal life."

- Ray G.

Thank You Tego Tea

"I went to my doctor for my regular appointment and blood review. She said I was doing so well that I no longer needed my diabetic medication.   I was no longer a Type 2 diabetic."

- Jim P. - New Jersey


"After recent findings, the University of Bologna  will conduct further research in regards to Tego Tea."

- Dr.  Giovanni U.,  Bologna, Italy


Improved glucose tolerance and exerted a positive effect on fed state plasma, free fatty acid and triglyceride levels at low dosage.

- Top 10 Nutri-ceutical, New Jersey


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