About Us


The original formula from which Tego is made was used by the Native Americans for over 300 years. During the 1600s, there are records that this formula was used to treat ailing European explorers who were suffering from scurvy because it is so rich in vitamin C.  


Native Americans would also use this formula for other diseases as well as arthritis and tribe members who were considered “sick”.  Now, it is understood that the “sickness” was actually high blood sugar.

teacup with Tego Tea


Tego has been passed down through our family from generation to generation. Now we wish to share Tego with the world. We are passionate about our natural traditions.

Our mission is to help others get well naturally.


The Little Englishman

is the actual story of how Tego was founded.


It all started when A.H. Verge's great, great grandfather was kidnapped off the docks in England and ended up in the Canadian wilds.


This is an inspirational story of a young boy's survival and transformation.


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